Vinotemp Wine Coolers – Choices That Make You Go Crazy

Vinotemp Wine Coolers – Choices That Make You Go Crazy


If you are looking for the perfect wine cooler to cater to all your needs, you need to be very careful about where you get them from because although ...

If you are looking for the perfect wine cooler to cater to all your needs, you need to be very careful about where you get them from because although Costco as well as Wal-Mart sells them, they do not sell all the available units that are produced by Vinotemp International because the retailers only get certain models of specific sizes that they think will sell more and thus make a profit for them.

If you think about high-quality wine coolers at a very affordable rate, the name that springs up automatically is that of Wine Coolers International.  Wine coolers are by far the best in the market all over the world and the various models and sizes give you the freedom to choose the perfect one for your home or business.

The 28 bottle Vinotemp wine coolers and its cousin, the 12 bottle coolers are among the most sought after products of the company. But these are neither sold at Wal-Mart nor at Costco because of certain reservations of the company. Anyways, these can always be found at the brand outlets of Vinotemp International.

There are also various other brands that you might find very affordable, but be sure of one thing, no other brand can provide you with the class, the quality, the designs and at the same time, the affordability that Vinotemp wine coolers can give you. For nearly 25 years, the company has been in the business and has sold over a few million units over the years and they have taken the market by storm in these few years.

If you are a collector of wine and had been looking for that fine model for that collection of yours, Vinotemp produces best wine coolers that suit your needs perfectly. They also give you the option of customizing your own set of wine cooler and can be had at any shape or configuration that you might need. The company designs its coolers keeping in mind the user convenience as well as the décor and type of kitchen that they will be incorporated into. The ratings of Vinotemp coolers are such that it is very difficult to choose only one from the huge variety of designs that are available.

The under counter wine coolers from Vinotemp come equipped with the following features: seven shelves of wood or metal that can be rolled out easily and can hold wine bottles of different shapes and sizes; doors made of stainless steel that can be locked; a digital display screen. The cooler refrigerators are designed specifically to fit every aspect of your need, as well as to conserve space in your home.

A quick tour of any Vinotemp dealership will just make you feel the need to buy all the models that are available there. You will find it very difficult to find the specific model that will suit all your needs and so, feel free to ask the people at the dealership and they will help you make the correct choice.

Best Vinotemp Wine Cooler Black 28 Bottle Silver Trim Thermoelectric

Thermoelectric Freestanding with Push Button Controls – Eco-Friendly

Our Vinotemp Black 28 Bottle Silver Trim Thermoelectric Wine Cooler gives you the opportunity to control the temperature of your wine with an easy to use push button control. This wine cooler has an energy-efficient, quiet operating thermoelectric cooling system that makes your wine storage vibration-free and good for the environment.

Using no ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs or HCFCs in this cooling system, you will be sure you are doing your part to preserve the environment.

The wine refrigerator should only be used in freestanding applications. This wine cellar has a black cabinet with stainless steel door trim. The dual paned glass windows have better-insulating properties, better UV protection and are easier to clean.

This wine cooler has a temperature control with push button controls, interior lighting, and classy chrome shelves. Temperature range is 54 to 66 Degrees F. Average ambient household temperatures above 80 degrees F. may affect achievement of the lower range of temperatures. This wine chiller would compliment any home’s decor.

Vinotemp Wine Cooler Black 28 Bottle Silver Trim ThermoelectricThis wine bottle cooler is 18 1/4 inches wide, 20 7/8 inches deep and 29 1/4 inches tall. Factory warranty is 90 days parts and labor. Look no further for superior wine storage.


  • Freestanding Wine Cooler
  • Dual-paned Glass Door
  • Thermoelectric Cooling Technology
  • Black Body with Stainless Steel Door
  • Soft, Interior Blue Lighting
  • Ultra-quiet, Energy-efficient Operation
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • 6 Pull-out Chrome Shelves for Racking
  • Push Button Controls
  • Temperature Range 54 to 66 Degrees

CAPACITY: 28 Standard 750 ML Wine Bottles

DIMENSIONS: Width 18 1/4 Inches x Depth 20 7/8 Inches x Height 29 1/4 Inches



2nd Best Pick: Vinotemp 8 Bottle Black Counter Top Thermoelectric Wine Chiller

Our Vinotemp 8 Bottle Black Counter Top Thermoelectric Wine Chillers an energy efficient thermoelectric wine cooler that uses no chemicals in the cooling process.

This wine cooler will store 6 bottles racked horizontally and 2 bottles in the stand-up door shelf. Features that will make owning this wine refrigerator a real plus are easy to clean black finish, thermoelectric cooling system, low vibration operation, easy to use touch screen controls, recessed handle, interior lighting and 2 FREE bottle stoppers.

If you have space issues but need to store wine, this 8 bottle wine cooler will be just the ticket for you. Temperature range is 46 to 64 degrees F. Average ambient household temperatures above 80 degrees F. may affect achievement of the lower range of temperatures.

This wine chiller is 10 1/4 inches wide, 23 7/8 inches deep and 16 1/8 inches tall. Factory warranty is 90 days parts and labor. Look no further for Counter Top Wine Storage.Vinotemp 8 Bottle Black Counter Top Thermoelectric Wine Chiller


  • For Free Standing Use Only
  • Thermoelectric Cooling System Design
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Touch Screen Controls with Security Lock
  • Temperature Range 46 to 64 Degrees F.
  • 2 Wire Shelves
  • 2 Free Bottle Stoppers
  • Recessed Handle
  • Interior Lighting

CAPACITY: 8 Standard 750 ML Wine Bottles (6 bottles racked, 2 standing on door)

DIMENSIONS: Width 10 1/4 Inches; Depth 23 7/8 Inches; Height 16 1/8 Inches


Vinotemp 27 Bottle Freestanding Black Cabinet and Door Trim – Space Saving Size

The Vinotemp 27 Bottle Freestanding Black Wine Chiller comes with a black cabinet and door frame. You will easily be able to store over 2 cases of your finest vintages. Our black wine cooler is meant for a freestanding application only. This wine cellar has a classic black body with dual-pane glass door with recessed handle.

This wine cooler features touch screen control panel with blue LED display, safety lock for control panel door, and adjustable temperature control. The interior contains 5 full-size wine shelves, 1 half size shelf and a small bulk storage bin at the bottom of wine cooler.

Temperature range is 39 to 65 Degrees F. You will be proud to show off your wine collection with this Ideal Wine Cooler. Look no further for superior wine storage.Vinotemp 27 Bottle Freestanding Black Cabinet and Door Trim


  • Black Cabinet
  • Dual-pane glass door
  • Recessed Handle
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Blue LED Light Display
  • Locking Control Panel Access
  • 6 Full Shelves, 1 Half Shelf, Bulk Storage Bin
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Freestanding Application Only
  • Temperature Range 39 to 65 Degrees F.

DIMENSIONS: Width 16.9 Inches, Depth 18.9 Inches, Height 32.5 Inches

CAPACITY: 27 Wine Bottles


About Vinotemp Wine Cooler

“The Best on the Market to Date”

Vinotemp is a big name in the cooling industry, specifically known for providing efficient ways of cooling wine. This family-owned company pride themselves on delivering the best products under their name, for instance, their Vinotemp wine cooler is constructed with nothing less than the very best materials, to guarantee proper cooling at all times.

The Vinotemp wine cooler is often used in conjunction with the establishment of a Vinotemp wine cellar. This ensures that the wine is going to remain in an environment that will maintain the correct temperature, while also being stored in a cool, and dry place. This company assists clients in planning out the right design to implement their own Vinotemp wine cellar, despite the accommodations they might be working with.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if a client is considering turning a small closet into a wine cellar area, or if they simply want to implement an extra Vinotemp wine refrigerator into their existing setup. Many clients of Vinotemp do purchase extra cooling units so that they have a way of storing any wine they might have in excess. No matter what a client is requesting, Vinotemp will go that extra mile to fulfill their customer’s ideal wishes.

What is a Vinotemp Wine Cooler Needed For?

As has been briefly mentioned, many clients demand extra services to ensure that the expensive wine collection they have is preserved in the right way. Wine connoisseurs are willing to pay a lot of money to have great quality, which is why many of them utilize the Vinotemp company. Vinotemp Wine Coolers

With regard to the Vinotemp wine cooler, there are different names for these cooling units.  Some of these are Butler series, Pro series, and the Estate series; and of course, there are a few others. The designs are all about personal preference. Not one of these cooling units works any better than the other, ecause they are all made with the highest of quality.

While some of these designs are made to fit in small spaces, such as under a counter, others are put together without regard to space saving.

These wine cooling units are needed to guarantee that the wines will stay at the temperature they are supposed to.  More often than not, they are used in an environment that has already been designed into a Vinotemp wine cellar.

Vinotemp Wine Repair

There are times when a Vinotemp wine cooler might have a malfunction, or very rarely, the Vinotemp wine cellar might not be operating the way it is suppose too.

In these special cases, the Vinotemp company will send a service person out to your establishment to attempt to correct the malfunction in a timely manner for you.

Sometimes, there are normal service calls that are made, just to continue to guarantee that the products are at optimum efficiency.

This is yet again a prime example of how Vinotemp will go that extra mile to keep their customers pleased with any Vinotemp wine cooler.

Incase of any issue with the Vinotemp Products, or requirement of any additional information, you can contact us at KitchenTech