Various Reasons to Clean Air Ducts before Fast Approaching Winters


No doubt, you were aware about winters being long and harsh in your area. This would also mean spending plenty of time spent inside your home. With wi...

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No doubt, you were aware about winters being long and harsh in your area. This would also mean spending plenty of time spent inside your home. With windows and doors usually closed during winters, you would be breathing air that has been recycled by your air duct system.

In case, you have not cleaned the air ducts of your cooling or heating system, the continuous circulation of pollen, dust, germs, fungus and bacteria could enhance the chances of heightened allergies and sickness.

Find below several reasons why you should have your air ducts cleaned before winter approaches.

Lint filter

Reduce energy costs

An air duct system, which is full of dust, would result in your furnace working much harder than it should. It would cost you money in the form of extra heating expense. Here is amazing post on Vinotemp Wine Coolers – Choices That Make You Go Crazy.

The stipulated restriction on your furnace filter because of dust accumulation would put additional strain on the furnace blower. This might result in an exorbitant motor replacement.

reduce energy costs

Reduce house-cleaning chores

In case, you have been dusting your home continuously and still a layer of dust is visible almost immediately after you clean, it should be considered as an indication for cleaning your air duct system. Yet another common sign of a polluted air duct system would be black lines visible under doors and around return air vent openings.

These black outlines would usually appear on considerably light colored carpet. The problem has been circulation of fine dust in and around these areas and eventually returning to the air ducts. Most of these fine dust particles would settle into the carpet for creating black stains and eventually black area. You can refer to our latest post on The Ultimate Guide to Vacuum Food Sealer.

You would be able to reduce this problem significantly by cleaning your air duct system regularly.

Enhancing the quality of indoor air

Most homes in the New York area incorporate a great deal of insulation. Several homes might not encompass air exchanger. This would ultimately create a scenario where the air inside the home would never get fresh. The air inside the home would keep re-circulating via the air duct system.

As a result, it would include bacteria, germs, dust and debris that could irritate allergies and cause sickness. A decent cleaning and sanitization of the air duct system could get rid of various kinds of harmful stuff from your duct system, thus, circulating fresh air.