The Ultimate Guide to Vacuum Food Sealer


Food is not cheap. With ever rising grocery costs we all want to make sure we have affordable grocery bills and are getting the most for our money. Pu...

Food is not cheap. With ever rising grocery costs we all want to make sure we have affordable grocery bills and are getting the most for our money. Purchasing food in bulk at a discount saves money, but only if you can keep the food fresh.

Whether you purchase food in bulk or not you would be amazed at how much money is wasted each month on food that has gone bad and needs to be thrown out both. Quality home vacuum food sealers are simple to use, inexpensive and allow you to save money by preserving your fresh foods and left overs.

Best Vacuum Food Sealer

Best Vacuum Food Sealer

v2040 vacuum food sealer Vacuum sealing food works best by eliminating air from around the food thus eliminating the affects of oxidation. Oxidation itself is the process whereby oxygen produces a chemical reaction that adversely affects freshness, flavor, nutritional value, and the overall quality of the food. Simply put AIR is most certainly the enemy of food freshness. The oxygen as well as the moisture in the air causes food to degrade over time.

The majority of inexpensive home, quality professional and the best commercial grade food saving vacuum sealers are external.

The food is placed inside a food sealer bag. The front of these bags are then placed inside the appliance and the machine then draws all of the air from the bag using a heater to seal it shut. This creates an air tight seal preventing air from leaking in and completely eliminates the air from the bag and around the food.

This is why quality home, professional and commercial grade vacuum sealers are the best devices used to prolong the storage time of food. There are various types of inexpensive vacuum food sealers for sale. Regardless of the amounts, or types of food you will be vacuum sealing there is a quality home, commercial or professional grade food saving vacuum sealer best for you.

When you want to save money preserving your food with a Vacuum Food Sealer, get one that will work, is easy to use, and will last. However, if you’re not going to be Vacuum Sealing large amounts of food, then you may not need the very biggest and best Vacuum Food Sealer with a bunch of extra bells and whistles but still want a good commercial grade Food Sealer. The V3440 FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System with CrushFree™ SmartSeal™ Technology can be described as a hands-free, vacuum packaging and marinating dynamo in a space-saving, upright design.

Protect and preserve moist, dry and sensitive food securely in canisters or bags. The V3440 Vacuum Food Sealer features a built-in roll holder, cutter and bag opener, fluid detection to avoid spills plus a marinate mode that infuses food with flavor in mere minutes. Perfect for families and individuals who want to save money and do not want or need a big, fancy Food Vacuum Sealer.


  • 2 Sealing Levels – Great for Dry or Moist Foods
  • Built-in Roll Storage & Cutter
  • CrushFree™ Instant Seal
  • Automatic Bag Detection
  • Hands-Free Operation
  • Marinate Mode
  • 2 Vacuum Speeds
  • Canister Mode
  • Progress Lights
  • Auto Liquid Detection
  • Space-saving Upright Design
  • Convenient Integrated Bag Opener

Here we offer the best home, professional and commercial grade vacuum food sealers from top name brands for sale at cheap discount prices. Being a small online based discount kitchen appliance store we do not have the overhead or other expensive operating costs of traditional stores. These savings are passed directly to you allowing us to offer the very best professional commercial grade and quality but cheaper less inexpensive home grade vacuum saving food sealers on sale at cheap discount prices you can afford.

We make it easy and affordable for you to start vacuum sealing saving you money now and your future grocery bills. If you have any questions about any of our quality home, professional or best commercial grade food saving vacuum sealers please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How To Clean Your Vacuum Food Sealer

How To Clean Your Vacuum Food Sealer

It is very important to keep your Vacuum Food Sealer clean, especially if you use it a lot. Since it’s important to handle food near it, it is important that you keep your Sealer free from bacterias. Allow me to share some tips on the topic of keeping your vacuum food sealer clean.

Use antibacterial soaps or cleansers. You may want to pick a mild cleaner that kills germs but isn’t toxic. Using a bleach product is not recommended, since you are going to be using this appliance to help you store your food. Use gentle soaps or cleansers that won’t make you sick.

First, always unplug your Vacuum Food Sealer prior to cleaning it. Don’t submerge it in water, either, as this will likely damage the inner electronics. Use a damp rag, sponge, or paper towel to wipe down the machine. Just remember to clean the buttons, the vacuum channel (which catches the fluids), and the complete surface of the Vacuum Food Sealer.

After you have cleaned all of the parts with water and a gentle soap, go over each area again with just water. This will flush away any soap residue which can make your Vacuum Food Sealer sticky. Remember, don’t use too much water. Put just enough on a rag or sponge to rinse away left over soap. Now that you have thoroughly cleaned your Sealer, it’s time for the next step. Take a dry cloth or perhaps a paper towel and dry the vacuum channel and other surfaces of the appliance. Ensure that all parts of it are totally dry before you utilize it again. You could potentially get an electrical shock if you use it while it’s still wet.

That’s the final step. Now that you have gotten rid of all the dust, germs, and food juices left on your Vacuum Food Sealer, you can put it back to use again. Just be sure you give it a thorough cleaning often, so there’s not a lot of build up over time.

Buying Your Vacuum Food Sealer

Buying Your Vacuum Food Sealer

With the need to preserve food, a vacuum bag sealer is one of the bestselling kitchen devices in the market. Because your primary goal is to save your food from spoilage, you have to keep this in mind when you are buying the item. Since not all brands are equal in quality and price, you have to consider several factors when going to department or online stores to buy the vacuum food bag sealer. Here are the considerations you should make.


If you are a practical buyer, the price is your primary consideration when buying the vacuum bag sealer. However, you should never sacrifice the quality of the vacuum food bag sealer for lower cost. Anyway, if you make a good comparison of the different models and brands, you would not have to break the bank for the item. Make it a habit to ask for a price listing before you decide on what to buy.

Added Features

The main function of the vacuum bag sealer is to preserve your food by taking the air out of the container bag. However, with the development in technology, you can now enjoy additional features in the vacuum food bag sealer. It has better equipment to cater to both moist and dry food.


An excellent vacuum bag sealer combines functionality with style. Look for the device that keeps up with the style in your kitchen. You can choose from the different colors and designs available in the market. If it will only be for your personal home use, a small vacuum food sealer bag is practical as it saves more space in your counter.


Different manufacturers provide varying lengths of warranty for the vacuum bag sealer. If you want more value for your money, check the warranty before buying the device. If you have a good warranty agreement, you can have your vacuum food bag sealer replaced in case of factory defect.

Sealer Bags for Your Food Sealer

If you have ever cooked too much food at one meal, you may be looking for a way to save this food. No one likes throwing out perfectly good food, but sometimes recipes create a little too much for your family to consume. This is the primary reason why vacuum food saver bags were invented. People needed an easy way to store leftovers that would allow them to stay fresh until they could be eaten.Sealer Bags for Your Food Sealer

Not only does this give you another meal to eat, but it also saves money in the long run. There are many different types of bags used for storing food via vacuum sealing. The various kinds are based on the specific needs of those using them. The main factor you should consider when buying your sealer bags is quality. You will want durable bags that are not prone to leaking, as this can create a mess in your refrigerator and make food storage a huge hassle. These tiny holes would also allow air to reach the food inside; shortening the time it stays good while being stored.

The best vacuum food saver bags should be made with multiple layers. This will help to prevent tears that could cause food to spoil or make a mess. This will also keep the food from receiving freezer burn, a condition which makes people want to just throw out the leftovers rather than try to reheat and eat them. No one wants to pull out stored food to see that it has changed colors and is now covered in frost. This is not only a waste of money because of the sealer bags and the food, but is also a waste of time storing the food.

It is good to choose Vacuum Food Saver Bags that are designed specifically for the purpose of storing food for a few days. There are other storage methods out there, but vacuum sealing your leftovers will keep them good much longer than most other strategies. It is also beneficial to purchase sealer bags that are reusable. These may cost a bit more than one time use bags, but they will save you in the long run because you will not have to replace them after each use.

Most of these vacuum sealer bags are very versatile and durable when it comes to reheating the food. The leftovers can be thawed in the bag, and the higher quality bags allow you to also boil the contents before removing it. Many of them are also microwave safe, saving you from having extra dishes to wash when you want to reheat stored food. Remember that there are several methods you can use to store your foods, but vacuum packing tends to make them last longer and continue to taste fresh days after they have been stored.

Vacuum Sealers and Food Dehydrators

Studies have shown that the average American home throws out up to 25% of their groceries in spoiled food each year**. Using an example of a family grocery budget of $800 dollars a month, up to $200 of that is tossed out, for a total loss of about $2400 a year. This is a lot of money that is literally being thrown in the trash.Vacuum Sealers and Food Dehydrators

We all know that buying in bulk can save you money, but if you can’t preserve the food long enough to use it before it spoils, there isn’t much savings to be gained. By using a Vacuum Food Sealer and a Food Dehydrator to help you to preserve your bulk purchases, allows for the ultimate savings of your food dollars. These small kitchen appliances allow you to store or dehydrate the food while it is fresh and the food will store much longer. You get several savings benefits; being able to buy large quantities of foods on sale or in bulk; the worry free storage of your food while it is fresh and fewer trips to the store to purchase food are required saving time and gas money.

When shopping for a vacuum sealer it is important to look for a quality name brand product to provide for longer appliance life and reliability. Cheaper models tend to burn out quickly with regular use. Since saving money is one of the goals of owning these appliances you want to avoid higher costs by frequently needing to replace them.

Have an idea of the food items you will be storing with the vacuum sealer so that you can determine the types of bags and attachments that will benefit you the most and compliment your vacuum sealer. While most bags can go from freezer to microwave and can be washed and reused, it is not recommended to reuse bags that store raw meat products. If you will be storing fragile food items or do a frequent amount of marinating, vacuum containers or attachments for sealing mason jars are recommended additions.

Food dehydrators come in various sizes and tray configurations. Units with air circulation and temperature controls allow for the most flexibility for drying food. Snack tray inserts for creating healthy snack fruit leathers are available. Finer mess trays are important for small fruit and vegetable end items. Identify the types of foods that you will be storing using dehydration to find the best vacuum sealer suited product. Look for name brand quality units to confidently purchase long lasting appliances.

Using the Convenience of Pre-Packaged Foods

With a little pre-planning and a Vacuum Food Sealer you can make your own convenience food prepared the healthy way you like and save money and time. Everyone knows that home cooked meals are not only healthier for you, because you control the ingredients used, but they are also cheaper to make.Using the Convenience of Pre-Packaged Foods

Next time you make a soup, stew or chili, make a double size batch and freeze the extra in meal size containers. The trick of using a food sealer with liquid food is to freeze it first. Cooling the soup, stew or chili first is important, then line square container with regular plastic bags (re-use bread or bun bags with no holes) pour the liquids in the container and freeze.

Once frozen you can remove the food from the container and seal inside a food sealer bag to protect the food from freezer burn and allow for longer storage time. Using square containers to freeze the liquids in allows for the frozen food to be stacked in the freezer easier than odd shapes. You can leave the food in the original bag used for freezing just don’t seal that bag so all air is removed when sealing in the Vacuum Food Sealer bag. The extra bag will actually assist in keeping the food sealer bag cleaner for re-use.

Casseroles, pastas and other meals can be prepared and packaged also. Again make double the recipe amount and you can either do the final baking or freeze after assembling for the second meal portion. A trick for freezing these types of meals is to line the casserole dish or pan with aluminum foil first, then freeze the meal before vacuum sealing. This allows you to remove the meal from the dish or pan before sealing it in the Vacuum Food Sealer bag and you can use the dish or pan for other things. Once you are ready to use the frozen meal, un-bag it while it is still frozen and thaw in the original dish or pan before baking.

Cookies also lend themselves to this make a head of time convenience method. By doubling the recipe on your favorite cookie recipe and freezing the extra portion, you can have those fresh baked cookies on your table anytime. You can either freeze the dough in one large quantity or roll the dough into balls and separate with wax paper between layers. Rolling the balls in flour or sugar can prevent them from sticking together.

With just some pre-planning and a little extra time when preparing your home cooked meals you can easily enjoy the convenience of heat and eat meals on those busy week nights. Using a vacuum sealer to help keep your food fresh and prevent freeze burn, means you can build up a variety of meals and use as needed without worrying about its freshness. For the best deal on vacuum sealers be sure to buy a name brand sealer with freezer quality bags.